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Know your basic costs right up front

At Stadium Auto Body, our team does its very best to let you know in advance what you should expect to pay for any given repair. But we ask our customers to keep in mind that an estimate is just that, a preliminary assessment of the damage to your vehicle. It is the first step in the collision repair process and should never be considered a complete repair order.


In some cases, disassembly of your vehicle may reveal hidden damage. Always mindful of our No Fraud Pledge, Stadium Auto Body professionals base our initial estimates on obvious damage. This will prevent overcharging for items that may or may not be needed, but also increases the chance for a supplemental charge after the repairs are started. Most insurance companies are aware of this process and will cover the complete cost of repairs without multiple estimates.

If a preliminary estimate is needed, we recommend getting only one estimate from the shop you choose to do the repairs for you.

Choose wisely. Choose Stadium Auto Body.

We use CCC Pathways computerized estimating program, a database that contains parts and labor prices for all foreign and domestic cars and trucks. Calculations are made based on vehicle-specific manufacturer parts pricing and replacement labor time studies.